History of Photography in India

MAP · April 14, 2022

This Short Course offers insight into the ways in which photography has served, simultaneously, as a medium of documentation, form of artistic expression and tool of political change, since the camera was introduced to India in the 19th century. Tracing socio-cultural, conceptual and technological developments, the history of photography in the region offers ways to think sensitively about ideas surrounding truth, identity and power in relation to both the past and present. Through engaging videos and illustrated texts, we delve into the basic trajectories of the camera and explore contemporary debates along with other developments surrounding lens-based practices.

Through this Course, you will:

  1. Become familiar with the vocabulary used to describe photographs and photographic processes.
  2. Learn about developments in relation to studio photography, print media, photojournalism and contemporary art.
  3. Recognise the significance of photography in shaping social-political, cultural and aesthetic values.
  4. Practise more vigilance in a world saturated with images. 
  5. Develop a wider appreciation for the legacies of photography in popular culture, across film, theatre, advertising and fashion.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to all, irrespective of your educational or professional background.

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