Sculpture, Archeology & Architecture

MAP · April 14, 2022

From the remains of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation to the grandest surviving buildings, monuments and important artefacts of the premodern period, the built heritage and material cultures of the Indian subcontinent offer valuable insights into ideals that have shaped societies for centuries. The rich stories that span the making, symbolism and functions of early terracotta, coins, Buddhist reliefs, sculpted deities on temple walls as well as Islamic funerary structures, among others, shed light on ways of life across the region. Our engaging videos and illustrated texts offer an entry point into one of the most extensive histories – one that traces the very evolution of human creativity.

Through this Course, you will:

  1. Learn about significant sites and sculptures from the Indian subcontinent. 
  2. Build a foundational visual vocabulary surrounding sculpture and architecture.
  3. Cultivate a deeper appreciation for material culture and built environments.
  4. Recognise the confluence of cultures, artistic traditions and regional idiosyncrasies of the subcontinent.
  5. Develop awareness about markers of heritage in South Asia that are often neglected.

Who is the course for?

Enrolment is open to all, irrespective of your educational or professional background.

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