Visual Literacy: How to Read Images

MAP · April 14, 2022

“Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognises before it can speak.”

These famous words by art critic John Berger reveal how crucial the acts of seeing and looking are to the way we learn. This is ever so important now in a digital age where we are saturated with images; deciphering information presented in the form of visuals can help us make sense of the world around us. Through a series of illustrated texts, engaging films and interactive quizzes, this course is a fun introduction to the basic competencies that constitute Visual Literacy. Deconstructing images and videos from the fine arts, design and popular culture, our lessons – designed for practical applications – will help you sharpen your critical thinking skills and enable you to express your own ideas, visually.

Through this Course, you will:

  1. Interpret, negotiate and make meaning from visual sources.
  2. Assess, understand and analyse news images, visualised data and works of art.
  3. Build your creativity and imagination.
  4. Develop a vocabulary to articulate technical and aesthetic aspects of visual media.
  5. Recognise connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

Who wrote the course?

This course is being developed by the MAP Academy with the support of Flow India, a premier learning innovation organisation that works at the intersection of Education, Culture, Design and Technology. Flow uses a Creative Enquiry Methodology for learning that harnesses a balance of creative skills and analytical thinking and has been working with learners and educators across India since 2010.

Who is this course for?

This course is written specifically for school students between the age group of 12 and 15, but enrolment is open to all.

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