• Subbadra

    March 1, 2024 at 12:42 am

    Hi there!

    I’m Subbadra, I identify as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) having been raised across 6 countries in 5 continents which makes me a pretty adaptable person, open-minded and curious about culture, the arts, history, stories and food! (But not always necessarily in that order haha) This upbringing and my varied interests are what led me to choosing a design education, which I thought would help me see and make sense of my world in a critical but visual way with the added flexibility of a broad creative skillset. After getting a degree in Environmental Design (a broad course covering Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design), I spent some time dabbling in a couple other fields outside of the immediate design industry upon graduation and returned to Delhi just before the pandemic started!

    What started only as a hobby interest in the world of textiles has led me to take little steps into and learning informally about the vast length and breadth of the Indian craft sector, its historical influence globally and what I think is its necessity today. I’m so grateful to be learning together with all of you and a big thank you to MAP Academy and Dr. Garimella for putting together this incredibly valuable course!