• Leanne

    March 5, 2024 at 2:17 pm

    Hi all, my name is Leanne, and although born in Zimbabwe, I live in Perth, Western Australia.

    Having travelled extensively, it seems I am always drawn to places that are steeped in traditional cultural values, and art making processes – that celebrate the foundational crafts, with skills and knowledge – handed down from generation to generation. Within these lectures and with hierarchical distinctions aside, am always keen to explore stereotypical distinctions around the art vs craft debate. (Love the quote ‘if an activity has no room, either in practice or in principle, for new relationships or for new understandings, it cannot but be a craft, never art’.) I have worked as an arts professional for nearly forty years and have a very diverse multidiscipline practice. I inherited a rich history that drew me to India and created a very strong link to the Sir JJ School of Art during the Gladstone Solomon period.