March 15, 2024 at 9:57 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    Before me, I want to express my deepest respect and gratitude to MAP and Dr Annapurna Garimella for providing this valuable platform and sharing this vast knowledge with us to support art enthusiast’s. Her presentations has provided me deep insights.

    Its great to be here and sharing about me.

    I am a design graduate from NIFT, New Delhi and had the opportunity to work at different organizations across India and abroad. Recently, I did Masters of Fashion Management from NIFT, Kolkata, where I also received Best Post Graduation Project Award & NIFT Meritorious Student Award. I believe that purpose develops the passion and passion takes us to performance. I have worked on Languishing Art of Bihar Known as Manjusha Art earlier under global issue in design. I have seen how artforms are forced to change in the name of been accepted and commercialized to stay relevant. I put forward this question to everyone here to guide me how to work and support our rich heritage without changing its identity. I love travelling, watching architectures, photography and collecting postal stamps. This courses has opened me to the vastness of the subject and beautifully presented to explore more and gain valuable knowledge in a systematic order. This is a great platform for everyone and I am so happy to find ppl from diverse backgrounds. Looking to learn from everyone here.

    Best regards, Saket