• Dr. shruti nada

    November 23, 2023 at 11:17 am

    Hello everyone! I am a lover of heritage and ever-evolving culture, both tangible and intangible, and a seeker of wisdom and knowledge from all aspects and discipline with a degree in Mathematical Statistics from delhi University.

    I also do workshops, retreats and lectures on wellness, integral health, vibrational (Nada) healing, as well as on aspects and texts of ancient Indian spirituality, wisdom and culture. I am also a musician and my formal recordings are mostly spiritual chants and some folk music.

    Currently I am intensely involved in the resurrection of Shekhawati, a heritage region often called the “Open-air art gallery of India” and perhaps the world. Along with our foundation, Shruti Foundation and in my capacity at Convener, INTACH Shekhawati Chapter, we are working on various front – Conservation of 19th and early 20 century letters art and artefacts, conservation of Heritage buildings; Havelies, the Fort, the Veda temple and more. We have also created an annual festival, VHAH FEST (Vedaaranya Heritage and Healing Festival) since 2016, and have created heritage hotels and residencies to facilitate the all encompassing dream of saving and reviving almost forgotten Indian heritage from the grassroots with its epicentre at Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan. There is so much 19th and 20th century art in this region that i now have a collection of oleographs from many contemporary artists and also Jain cosmological art. I believe this course will help me to delve deeper into the cognition of my own collections and much more!

    Looking forward to this journey

    Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar

    http://www.shrutinada.com | http://www.vedaaranya.com | http://www.shrutifoundation.org