• Ahana

    October 13, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    Hello Amorette! My name is Ahana and I have an avid interest in knowing indigenous textiles and fabrics, along with the history of dye and prints. Although I am partially aware of Indian and most south asian prints, fabrics, textile dyes etc., I am also interested to know in greater detail the legacies of cultural transaction that have occurred in and around South Asia in regards to print and dye making. I was informed about this program from the main Instagram page of MAP Academy. I have a Masters in Comparative Literature and my passion for knowledge on fabrics, textiles and dye/prints has mainly been inspired by the rich heritage of transnational and international prestige enjoyed by India prior to Imperial subjugation beginning from the 1800 onwards. I am interested to trace the journey of the introduction of popular European fabrics such as chiffon, polyester, georgette, cotton vis a vis the Indian traditional fabrics and prints associated with silk, muslin, khadi, pashmina etc., and how the disruption owing to colonization has had a long term effect on the availability and popularity of indigenous dyes and fabrics.