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India Belongs Only to Me: Amrita Sher-Gil

George September 22, 2023
<img src="https://courses.mapacademy.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Screenshot-2023-05-25-at-4.57.55-PM-792×1024.png" alt="<em>Amrita at her easel

In many ways, the questions that the half-Indian, half-Hungarian artist, Amrita Sher-Gil (1913–1941) was asking, defined Indian art. The way she integrates diverse sources and traditions into her work also echoes concerns that Abanindranath Tagore had a generation earlier, even as they are resolved differently. Though her life and career was short, Sher-Gil is a pioneering and exceptional figure in modern Indian art history, and as the fascination with her unusual biography has shown, can be studied as an example of how an artist’s life can take on its own mythology.

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This Topic explores Amrita Sher-Gil’s practice, looking at how she created a niche for herself in the field of Indian art. To learn more about her style and influences, check out the links below! 

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